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Surgeon Erhan Yakut stated that the strabismus should be treated in earlier ages; the treatment made in older ages would only effect the look of the eye cosmetically.
By mentioning the fear of treatment of the families who have kids with strabismus, he stated “Families should have no fear. Strabismus is treated with drugs, glasses and surgical methods.”
Yakut stated that the problem of strabismus are 90% innate or it could emerge right after or the first 5 years after birth. He mentioned the possiblity of strabismus emerging after an accident or another ophthalmic disease. By emphasizing the extreme importance of strabismus treatment during childhood, Yakut stated “Strabismus should be treated in earlier ages. The treatment made in later ages would only make the eyes look better cosmetically. However the functional disabilities would still remain in the eye. It means that the feeling of depthness, a three dimensional vision would lack. For example, one would not be able to play billiards, or be a pilot.”

Early treatment
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Yakut mentioned about three different options for strabismus treatment and said “Strabismus can be treated by using drugs or wearing glasses. However there could be situations where it can not be treated. In such a case, the last option is treating with surgical methods.”
“In the surgery we strengthen or weaken the eye muscles depending on the condition of strabismus. We make an operation that will provide the eye to be kept in the middle. In the last 4 months we treated 15 of 50 strabismus patients with glasses, their trackings are continueing, and we treated 30 of the strabismus cases surgically. 40 per cent of those patients were kids.”