Epiretinal Membrane

Retinal layer of the eye is a layer  consising of the nerves that perceives the light coming through and sends it to the brain. If we consider the eye as similar to a photographic apparatus, retina is the filmstrip inside the machine. Macular region is located right in the middle of this layer. Also, in the very middle of this macular region, the fovea region, the region where light is focused is located. Fovea region’s size is as little as a pinhead. Fovea region is colloquially known as “yellow spot”. It is the most important region repsonsible of central and detailed vision of retinal layer.

The strongest region of visual function is macular region, and its center, the yellowspot (fovea).
Epiretinal membrane, is a membrane located right on the macula. This membrane causes shrinkages in the lower macular region and results in wrinkles in makula which has a smooth surface.
There is a membrane causing wrinkle right in the middle of the visual center of epiretinal membrane.

The most common reason of epiretinal membrane is the changes emerging in intraocular fluid as a result of aging. Intraocular fluid called vitreus causes wrikles by shrinking.
Patients with epiretinal membrane mainly report a visual decay, crooked and skewed vision.
It is not possible to treat epiretinal membrane with drugs, and a surgery called vitrectomy is implemented. The surgery of epiretinal membrane is implemented with local or general anesthesia.
In vitrectomy surgery the vitreus fluid is cleaned, the membranes located in the macular region that causes shrinkages are peeled. Epiretinal membrane surgery is generally a favorable surgery. The increase in vision lastas between 6 months and a year.

In epiretinal membrane surgery the membrane causing wrinkles is cleaned.