CustomEyes® Procedure Packs

CustomEyes® Procedure Packs

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Select from a range of standard packs, or build your own customized surgery pack from one of the most extensive
ophthalmic product portfolio. CustomEyes Procedure Packs feature single-use Beaver® knives, Visitec® instruments,
drapes and cannulas, Merocel® fluid control devices, Wet-Field® Eraser® electrosurgical instruments,
plus a full range of other components for ophthalmic surgery.

CustomEyes Procedure Packs are available for:
• Cataract Surgery
• Refractive Surgery
• Vitreoretinal Surgery
• Intravitreal Injection
• Glaucoma Surgery
• Strabismus Surgery
• Oculoplasty, Chalazion, Blepharoplasty





All the products you need for each procedure are packaged
and sterilized in one easy-to-open pack. Designed to:
• Optimise time and resources by simplifying
procedure set up
• Reduce environmental waste with all-in-one packaging
• Reduce cost and save time associated with purchasing
and stocking items separately



Creating your CustomEyes® Procedure Pack
• Your Sales Consultant will discuss your requirements and
in partnership with you, design a CustomEyes® Procedure
Pack to meet your specific needs
• Sterile or non-sterile samples can be provided