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Slide Beaver® Knives and Blades Beaver Safety Knives are designed to
deliver exceptional precision, sharpness
and consistency.
Visitec® Cannulas Visitec is the world class leader in high
quality, single-use cannulas designed to
meet the diverseneeds and preferences
of cataract surgeons.

Slide Iris Retraction Beaver Safety Knives areExperience the
latest innovation in small pupil expansion
with the Visitec® I-Ring® Pupil Expander
Surgical Solutions Beaver-Visitec offers a full range of
ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, each
with a different viscosity to provide a
selection of options to the cataract surgeon.

Slide Punctal Occlusion Discover why BVI is the world leader in
punctal occlusion — providing solutions
for every stage in your patients’ continuum
of care.
Electrosurgery Beaver-Visitec International offers a
broad range of specialty electrosurgery
devices for Vitreoretinal, Glaucoma and
Cataract procedures…

Slide Fluid Control Beaver-Visitec International’s range of
fluid control products are designed
to meet the needs of clinicians for a
variety of ophthalmic procedures.
Malosa® Single-Use Instruments • Eliminate Reprocessing
and Sterilisation Costs
• Improve Patient Safety
and Decrease Contamination

Slide BSS / BBS Aqueo Premium - BSS Plus Enriched saline solution contains an
antioxidant (Glutathione), a buffer
(Sodium Bicarbonate) and an energy
source ...
NuVisc ™ PRO The combined sodium hyaluronate
(HA) concentration and high
molecular weight produces a distinct
OVD for cataract surgery