Eye Bandages

Eye Bandages

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Niteye® Dry Eye Comforter Bandage 

Clear self-adhesive eye bandage for dry eye. Designed for use only
when resting and can be used with or without eye drop or ointment
therapy. Protects eyes from drying conditions. Seals in valuable moisture.
Hypoallergenic tape attaches quickly and easily. Packaged non-sterile.

Item# Description
90301 Box, 14 count
90305 Case, 336 count

Visitec Eye Bandage

Clear self-adhesive eye bandage with holes for use post-LASIK.
Packaged non-sterile.

Item# Description
90311 50 per box

Visitec Guibor Eye Bandage

Disposable self-adhesive eye dressing designed to protect the eye
during drying conditions, such as “dry eye”. Easy to apply and
comfortable to wear. Packaged sterile. 10 per box.

Item# Description
8590300 Guibor Bubble Bandage

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