Infusion Cannulas

Infusion Cannulas

Designed to provide more effective infusion. Ultra thin wall cannula .90 mm (20G) with 45 degree bevelled tip allows
more fluid flow than a regular wall cannula. Flexible tubing is 25 cm (10 in) long and attaches to an infusion source
with luer lock fitting.

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Infusion Cannulas

5 per box.

Item# Description
585119 90 mm (20G) 4 mm
585120 90 mm (20G) 6 mm

Infusion Cannula [Pautler]

Corners of flange are round. The angled design of the flange
allows it to be sutured to the sclera, while the cannula is
inserted through the cornea in aphakic or pseudophakic eyes.
Designed to provide a continuous flow of irrigation during
complicated posterior segment surgery. 3 per box.

Item# Description
585196 4.7 mm from tip to 45 degree angled flange